Turn your franchise website into a Franchisee Recruitment Machine.

Spend less time chasing tire-kickers and more time having human conversations with your ideal candidates.

Your Concept is Different.

Businesses generally come to us when they’re looking to grow and they've refused to settle on the industry standard method of generating leads solely through portals , brokers, and conferences.

If you’re looking to release dependence on other sources of leads, send more qualified candidates to your website, and are willing to break away from the old-school industry playbook, you’ve come to the right place.

In order to sell effectively in the digital age, you have to respect the new way that people buy. Information is everywhere and the seller no longer holds the keys to the kingdom of information. At Hidden Peak, we help our clients achieve their growth goals with a carefully coordinated combination of strategy, process, and technology.


What We Do

Franchise Lead Generation
Looking to grow and need to develop a more effective channel for recruiting qualified candidates? We can help.
Inbound Marketing
Turn your marketing into a helpful, human, and extremely effective lead generation machine with the inbound approach.
Sales Enablement & CRM Implementation
Give your sales team a boost and help them sell more effectively by combining content and technology with your process.
Social Advertising
Thinking of allocating a portion of your budget to Facebook, Instagram, or other paid ads? We'll help you pull it off.
Inbound Workshops
Immerse your team in a hands-on, in-person workshop and walk away with an understanding of the 'why' behind the inbound approach.
HubSpot Consulting
Considering a HubSpot purchase? Perhaps you've purchased the software and are not fully maximizing the tool? Let's talk.
High Performance Website Design
Does your website need a fresh start? We think beyond design and make sure that your website works for your business.
Sales & Marketing Technology Starter
Dip your toes in the water of this sales and marketing technology, then build a business case for more.

You really taught us how to get into the brain of our very narrow target market that's critical to our business model, and that gave us so many opportunities to create content to address that person.

Felena Hanson - Hera Hub.png
Felena Hanson / Founder At Hera Hub
As an SMB, often you get so focused on sales, or products, that you forget that marketing is a piece of making that come together. Erin asks the questions that we forget to ask ourselves and comes up with a collaborative plan to market based of your teams knowledge and your customers feedback.
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Aubree Coderre / Business Development At Zoracle Profiles

Who We Help

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Early Stage Franchisors
Franchisors With 1-25 Units
Get your concept off the ground and build a solid foundation for growth.
Emerging Franchisors
Franchisors with 26-100 Units
The time to build momentum is now. Quickly build a platform to draw awareness to your brand, accelerate quality lead generation, and create more sales conversation.
Franchise Suppliers
Business Services for Franchises
Attract and generate more leads from franchise and licensed concepts who could benefit from your services.
Niche Concepts Available to Licensees
Focus your efforts on attracting, nurturing, and closing more great-fit licensees who love your concept.

Problems We Solve


Qualifying Internet Leads
We are spending too much time on internet leads because we cannot get them on the phone.
Franchise Recruitment
We need more quality leads in our pipeline.
Franchise Sales
As competition increases, the pressure is on to drive unit sales.
Lost Qualified Buyers
We’re losing quality buyers to competitive concepts with more name recognition.
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Let's be Honest. The Franchise Recruitment Playbook is Broken.

If you've ever thought that there must be another way, you're right. Curious to learn more? Let's explore a new way in a strategy session.
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