Why Hidden Peak?

We are not your typical agency. At Hidden Peak Interactive, we consider our relationship with clients as business partners and have established business practices that align with our client’s best interests.

Let us explain…

We Succeed When YOU succeed

Every team member at Hidden Peak Interactive has incentives that tie into your bottom-line performance.

Since we align our compensation with your sales and reduced customer acquisition costs, everyone on our team has increased motivation to achieve results.

We Have No Hourly Rate

The practice of hourly billing practice is flawed and inefficient for everyone involved.

We want to let you in on a little industry-wide secret: When agencies become inefficient by exceeding budgeted hours for your project, guess who ultimately pays? 


Agency Account managers are often required to allocate their billable hours for the day to some client. Guess who they assign those hours and billing to?


What doesn’t work for you also doesn’t work for us and that is why we have adopted a hybrid pricing model that is driven by performance.

We Are Focused On Success (and we hate losing)

We love working with companies with whom we can really move the needle.

Our sweet spot is with B2B clients and B2C clients who sell products involving complex sales. Most of our clients achieve gross revenues within $1 – $20 million and are ready to see some results.

At Hidden Peak Interactive, our focus is to maximize the sales pipeline using digital marketing activities that tie efforts directly to revenues while simultaneously decreasing acquisition costs.

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