Marketing’s 10 Commandments

One of my favorite movies is the 10 Commandments starring Charlton Heston. It is truly an amazing movie where stage sets and locations were hand built to support the story and well before CGI was invented.Charlton-Heston-as-Moses-001

As the story goes, Moses came down from Mt Sinai and ended up giving a smack down to those gold bull worshipers.  Like these worshipers, we marketers need some ‘guidance’ to assist us in our planning and campaigns.  Therefore, I now present to you Marketing’s 10 Commandments:

  1. Thou shall not justify a campaign’s success by stating it supports long-term branding … Do you think your marketing blasts are improving my perception of your company?  See what I think of AT&T

  2. Thou shall stop blaming technology for the difficulty in measuring campaigns and calculating your marketing ROI … Maybe you are worried that it will show your campaigns are NOT working

  3. Thou shall seek to improve the relationship with sales, and stop commiserating that “they just don’t understand what I do” … As a marketer, my fundamental goal is to make sales successfullet that one sink in 

  4. Thou shall stop thinking that every new online prospect is ready to make a purchase … When was the last time you went to a website for the first time and were ready to talk to sales <crickets chirping>

  5. Thou shall stop thinking that sending a campaigns’ excel spreadsheet of prospects to sales is effective lead management … Scanning badges of people who walk within 5 feet of your tradeshow booth is NOT lead management

  6. Thou shall stop using the company e-newsletter as a campaign management tool … All is explained here

  7. Thou shall stop believing that ‘one marketing message to all’ is really effective … How is that 1-3% email open rate working for you?  Does the VP of Marketing applaud your efforts?

  8. Thou shall not pitch or lead with your products … Buyers are not stupid, when they are ready to buy they will come to you

  9. Thou shall be transparent with all of your marketing endeavors Once your prospect smells a rat, they will be gone forever

  10. Thou shall stop talking about your company … Prospects want to read things that will help them


About Michael Senger

Michael Senger is an energetic, results-oriented Senior Marketing Professional with almost 15 years experience in strategic online marketing. Before joining Hidden Peak Interactive, Michael successfully led the launch of StoneMass, a web marketing agency. Michael also spent 8 years at Symantec, directing their Global Online Marketing initiatives leading a diverse global team of matrixed team leaders and digital/online agencies leading to successful global results.

Michael has a MBA in Marketing Information Technology from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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