Increase Marketing’s Contribution to the Bottom Line

Create campaigns that tie directly to revenues and increase overall ROI.

When ROI Becomes a Requirement

Marketing’s role in companies has made a dramatic shift in the last decade. Time and time again, Marketing is being asked for an ROI on campaigns. The division is tasked with showing how it supports Sales and ultimately increases its contribution to the company’s bottom line.

The Classic ‘Marketing’ vs. ‘Sales’ Dilemma

Marketing is questioned when it does not deliver quality or hot leads to Sales. As a result, Marketing must constantly defend its budgets and programs. Sales does not want to waste time on leads that are not ready to purchase; nor do they have the tools to effectively nurture the lead for future sales engagement.

How We Can Help

We believe that Marketing, not Sales, is responsible for effectively nurturing inquiries into leads and preparing leads for future sales engagements. Not every inquiry is ready to talk to Sales and not every lead is ready to make a purchase decision. We help Marketing step up and close that gap.

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