Inbound Marketing Services

Our Inbound Marketing services are designed to help your company achieve the results that matter –  increasing revenues and decreasing acquisition costs.

Right now, you might be wondering, “Do they offer SEO, Social Media, Conversion Optimization, PPC, Display and Social Advertising, and other online marketing services?”. The answer is yes…. and more. Instead of offering these as standalone services, they are integrated into the overall Inbound Marketing strategy as appropriate for each client.

Our services are broken down into two categories:

  • Inbound Marketing packages
  • Inbound Marketing Kick Start Package

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Inbound Marketing packages

Our packages are designed for businesses looking to move the needle.

For companies looking for full service and a long-term relationship, we offer three different Inbound Marketing packages with pricing that starts at $3,000 per month*. Since our services are designed to produce results and this involves long-term, strategic thinking, we ask for a 12-month commitment with these packages.

Our service packages:

  1. Base Package: Perfect for the small business that is looking for new leads and sales as at affordable budget.
  2. Treeline Package: Designed for the growing enterprise that is looking to increase more leads to meet sales targets.
  3. Peak Package: For the larger company with significant lead generation requirements with dedicated Marketing or Sales teams.

*For those who would like to get up and running quickly with Inbound Marketing, but manage the process on an on-going basis, we offer a Kick Start package. Interested? Ask us for more details.

Win-Win-Win Pricing

When you succeed, we succeed.

Our package pricing structure is hybrid in nature, meaning that we combine a flat monthly amount with a performance bonus. We are putting our money where our mouth is by aligning our incentives with your results.

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Marketing and Sales Funnel Optimization

More visitors, more leads, and more customers with less effort results in increased ROI.

We have structured our efforts to optimize every stage of the sales funnel. With the right strategy in place, we can achieve higher revenues and lower acquisition costs.

Strategize: Analysis, Personas, Plan, Goals, KPIs

  • Attract: Put your company out there and get found. Fill the top of your funnel with quality visitors.
  • Convert: Interest your visitors with content they will love and turn them into a lead.
  • Close: Nurture (warm up) qualified leads so that they are ready for sales to close the deal.
  • Delight: Turn existing customers into evangelists, give them a platform to tell their friends and come back for more.

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Inbound Marketing Kick Start Package

For those who prefer to manage and execute Inbound Marketing in-house, but would like help kicking off the process, we offer a Kick Start package for $7,000.

In an nutshell, the Kick Start package includes everything you need to get your Inbound Marketing strategy off the ground, such as:

  • Inbound Marketing Assessment
  • Inbound Marketing Trail Map
  • Persona Development
  • SEO Review, Analysis and Strategy
  • Social Media Review, Analysis and Strategy
  • Social Media Profile Setup
  • Offer Creation
  • Website CTA Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • CRM Integration
  • Lead Nurturing Sequence Creation and Implementation
  • HubSpot Platform Setup and Website Integration
  • HubSpot Software Training

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