Giving Back

When you partner with us, we help other businesses succeed.

At Hidden Peak Interactive, we love extending the results of our success and helping others. In fact, we are so passionate about giving back, that we have made the practice one of our company’s core values.

We have chosen to contribute a percentage of our profits to Kiva, a non-profit organization that connects microlending institutions with small business owners around the world. Kiva allows us to leverage our profits to help many other entrepreneurs start and sustain their businesses.

Teach a Person to Fish

At Hidden Peak Interactive, we are entrepreneurs, support entrepreneurs and love this old adage so much that it has become part of our model. When you provide a person with resources to be successful, he or she will thrive and experience empowerment that serves throughout a lifetime.

We have embraced this concept with our decision to donate a percentage of profits to businesses within the Kiva network.

Our mission with this charitable act is to reduce poverty, empower businesses who would not otherwise be able to obtain loans, and do our part to revive the worldwide economy.

The “Good Returns” Model

The notion that for-profit organizations have incredible power to ‘do good’, has always resonated with Hidden Peak Interactive Co-Founder, Erin Carpenter. Upon hearing Soap Hope Co-Founder, Salah Boukadoum, speak about his company’s “Good Returns” model, Erin knew she would one day apply the concept to her business.

Profit, Lend, Rinse and Repeat

The “Good Returns” model takes the concept of leverage to an unprecedented level. Just like a ripple in water, we believe that our profits have the power to catalyze entire economies.

HPI Good Returns

When we leverage our profits by lending to other businesses in need, jobs are created, people can eat, obtain an education and create more opportunities within their communities.

This success breeds new perspectives, entrepreneurship, and hope in the lives of people who may simply need a jumpstart.

When funds are repaid, our business is empowered to generate more profits and repeat the cycle.