Deliver More Qualified Leads to Sales

When Marketing departments deliver more qualified leads to Sales, everyone wins. Sales closing rates increase, ROI increases, and Marketing justifies its budget.

The Counterintuitive Truth About Leads

  • Fewer leads can actually generate more revenue for your business.
  • Increased lead quantities, when not qualified, can actually make Sales less productive.

This may seem backwards and contradicts the typical marketing thought process. However, a broader perspective on the impact of leads on the overall business will demonstrate these truths in action.

The Classic Lead Hand-off

For many businesses, Marketing is responsible for generating leads via campaigns and handing them off to Sales to close. We call this “over-the-fence” marketing. 

Here’s what typically takes place…

A campaign generates X amount of leads. Marketing then emails the excel file to Sales. At that point, Marketing folks wipe their hands clean, pat each other on the back and claim success.

Sales now has the cumbersome task of qualifying, identifying and tagging the prospect list.

This process is flawed for the following reasons:

  • Sales people are commission driven and their livelihoods and earnings depend on actual sales.
  • Leads are not necessarily ready to purchase the minute they enter the pipeline, even though they are in the hands of Sales.
  • Opportunities that first land on the website may be lost forever if the first point-of-contact is a selling proposition.

When Marketing becomes a trusted partner of Sales and begins increasing the quality of leads delivered, Sales becomes more efficient, revenues scale, and marketing budgets become more effective.

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