Common Website Problems that Might be Causing Your Prospects to Slip Away


Whether or not you want to admit it, qualified prospects might peruse your website, but eventually take off without you knowing it. What research has shown us is that at least 70% of the buying decision is made before a prospect fills out an inquiry form, picks up the phone to call you, talks to a sales rep, or walks into your office. What does … [Read more...]

Top 10 Takeaways from Inbound 2013


I recently had the pleasure of attending HubSpot's Inbound 2013 conference in Boston. What an incredible experience. For those who couldn't make it, I have summarized my top 11 takeaways from the conference in this post. For those of you who attend or have attended conferences, you can likely relate to how overwhelming and exciting they can be. … [Read more...]

The Secrets to Building Action-Oriented Personas

Buyer Persona Ilustration

Have you ever asked a business owner or entrepreneur who the ideal customers are for the company and received the following response. Everyone! It still blows me away when I hear some of the brightest minds stake this claim. Believe it or not, everyone is not your customer. Even if you sell bottled water that may be fit for anyone to drink, … [Read more...]

A Business Case for Transparent Pricing


One of my pet peeves is being strung along by sales people or landing on a website that doesn't reveal pricing. The classic sales technique that involves luring a customer in with a pitch and waiting until the bitter end to show the price drives me crazy. I experienced this recently at a local running store and walked away feeling frustrated. I … [Read more...]

How to Woo the Modern Customer.

Woo the Modern Customer

Consumers today are more knowledgeable, resourceful and savvy than ever before.┬áThe internet and wealth of information available has forever changed the way people make purchase decisions. In 2013, consumers: Have more information at their fingertips than ever before and expect to find answers to their questions instantaneously. Expect … [Read more...]